Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bedbugs In Des Moines

Bedbugs are still a common problem in Des Moines. What makes them such a problem is there ability to hide and adapt. What makes them so unwanted is that they feed on human blood, which can cause severe reactions on the skin and the presence of bedbugs can also have psychological effects such as imagined bites and the feeling of bugs crawling on the skin.

Bedbugs are very difficult to eliminate without professional help. There are many products that homeowners or renters can buy to eliminate bedbugs. Many of these by themselves are not going to solve a bedbug problem. The number one key to solving a bedbug infestation is knowledge.

Bedbugs are very good hiders. Bedbugs are excellent at finding a dark crack or crevice to hide in, this makes them very difficult to spot. Bedbugs usually only come out in the middle of the night when you are asleep to feed. That makes them inconspicuous as well. Many people do not even know there are bedbugs in there home for months. Once they notice marks on their skin they head to the doctor. Often doctors are not properly trained in diagnosing bedbug bits, this is because bedbugs are a new occurrence, bedbugs have not been a problem since World War II. Bedbugs are also extremely resistant to chemicals. This is because for many years bedbugs were killed with all sorts of strong chemicals like kerosene and DDT. The only bedbugs that survived were those with DNA resistant to many types of chemicals. So today we are left with extremely resistant bedbugs. That is why knowledge is key, there is no silver bullet to controlling bedbugs, it takes expertise and experience.

Downs Pest Control offers affordable bedbug treatments. Because of our low overhead and expert bedbug treatments we are able to offer guaranteed bedbug treatments at a fraction of the cost of many large pest control companies in Des Moines. We do not offer heat treatments, which is an extremely effective and fast way to eliminate bedbugs, but it is also extremely costly and uses enormous amounts of energy. Although many companies claim that heat is the only way to eliminate bedbugs this claim is false. We have been able to effectively and quickly eliminate bedbugs with the cooperation of homeowners and renters, despite the false claims of other pest control companies in Des Moines. We do not use fear tactics, we use knowledge to build a plan to help our customers eliminate bedbugs. Contrary to many other companies our number one priority is serving our customers. We are dedicating to building our reputation by satisfying every single customer. We have an outstanding record that we are very proud of. Through the attention that we give to each customer we are able to devise specific strategies to help you eliminate bedbugs and live bedbug free. Our services are guaranteed, and we have been successful at eliminating bedbugs through mechanical, chemical, and other ways.

So for more information about our bedbug treatments or for advice call us today at (515) 309-2089.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pest of the Week - Cockroaches

Cockroaches are a common problem in Des Moines. Even though it is winter we are still staying busy treating for cockroaches. There are a few things that you can do to help prevent and stop a cockroach infestation. Eliminate moisture, food, and hiding places. If you can do these three things that is more than half the battle. For the rest call us at (515) 309-2089. Learn more at