Monday, July 16, 2012

Wasps - Yellow Jackets and Mud Daubers in Iowa

Wasps are all flying insects that are a very important to our eco-system, especially here in Iowa. These insects play an integral roll in the pollination of plants that produce beautiful flowers, fruits, seeds, and vegetables.

Wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and bees are also all equipped with a special defense mechanism a stinger. For this reason it is very important to be sure that  these insects are not building their nests near your home. What makes these flying insects dangerous as well is the fact that they are social insects and this increases the risk of receiving multiple stings.

Yellow Jacket Wasps

Yellow jacket wasps build paper nests that are located in trees, in bushes, in garages, in soffits, and other similar places. They are aggressive when they feel their nest is threatened. They can sting multiple times. Nests that are located out of the way, meaning there is not chance that someone could accidentally come into contact with the nest, should be left alone as there is no threat by these wasps.

Mud Dauber Wasps

Mud dauber wasps build nests of mud and are usually not aggressive. Most mud dauber wasps in Iowa are black or a silver blue steel color. These wasps are solitary and are very unlikely to sting unlike yellow jackets or hornets.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bedbugs and Over-The-Counter Solutions

It is not uncommon for anyone who faces a pest infestation to first head to the hardware store in search of do-it-yourself remedies, this is also true for people with bedbugs infestations as well. In a recently published article by Susan C. Jones and Joshua L. Bryant we learn just how truly ineffective these products are in fighting bedbugs.

Jones and Bryant evaluated different products that can be bought at the store and found that they had little impact if any impact on the bedbug population. They specifically evaluated three types of foggers and found that they did not work as advertised.

When ineffective products sold at hardware stores advertise quick bedbug solutions they are instead making the situation worse. It delays the renter or homeowner from calling a pest professional who has the skills, products, equipment, and expertise to solve the bedbug problem safety and effectively.

On a national scale the bedbug problem continues to grow. The best way to solve it is by education and quick action. In the year 2000 only a quarter of all exterminators in the U.S. dealt with bedbugs now, that is at nearly 100%.

If you are facing a bedbug problem call a pest professional instead of trying products that may not even work.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Carpenter Ants - How Do I Know if Carpenter Ants Are in My Walls?

About Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are very common in Iowa and they are among the largest ants found in Iowa. Like other ant species they live in colonies and are divided into different castes (workers, queens, males) but unlike most ants found in Iowa they do not build their nests in the ground, carpenter ants build their nests in wood and may be found infesting your home or business.

What do Carpenter Ants Eat?

Carpenter ants are scavengers and eat different types of proteins and sugars. Although carpenter ants will reside in wood they do not eat wood. Often carpenter ants feed on dead insects and honeydew produces by aphids. Carpenter ants mostly forage after sunset and they can travel long distances from their nest in search of food. (Up to 100 yards from nest.)

Where do Carpenter Ants Live?

Carpenter ants live in rotten wood usually. They are often found building nests in old trees, logs, and stumps. They will also build their nest in boards that may be laying on the ground or in stacks of firewood. They often attack soft wood or wood damaged by water. Nests inside walls or in your home are often found near water such as in bathrooms or kitchens. Carpenter ants also commonly will be found around leaky windows. Carpenter ants create their nests in wood by chewing up the wood to make tunnels. They push the wood out of the tunnels so that their tunnels are clean and free of debris.

Are Carpenter Ants in My Walls?

It can be very difficult to tell if carpenter ants have come into your home in search of food and water or if they have established a colony in your walls. If you see ants in the winter months that is a good sign that they have set up residence in your home. If you start to see them in the spring it is most likely they have just come in looking for some food. Since carpenter ants will usually only use damaged or soft wood for their homes pay attention to any area in your home that may have suffered water damage. Also, look for signs of coarse saw dust that carpenter ants push out of their nests. Pay attention to how many carpenter ants you see, if there are just a few there is a good chance that are coming in from outside, if there are twenty or more then they may be in your walls.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Customers' Positive Reviews of our Pest Control Services

If you have been to our website you have probably seen the link we have on our main page to view our customer reviews. (As seen on the left of this column.) These reviews are all authentic from real customers that live in the Des Moines area. They have all chosen to take time out of their day to write these reviews. We are very grateful to these customers and are honored by the positive reviews. We have not filtered these reviews and have not offered customers any incentives beyond the good feelings that come with helping a local company build their reputation and helping Des Moines residents select good pest control company. These reviews are evidence of our dedication to quality service. We we do all that we can to provide the best possible service at the best possible price.

Many pest control companies are in the business first and foremost to make a profit. There is nothing wrong with this as that is the purpose of any business. But at Downs Pest Control we are first and foremost dedicated to helping people solve their problems. We love helping people and we get so much satisfaction from solving the pest problems that people may have. That is why we are dedicated to focusing on the needs of our customers and designing services that meet their needs.

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Ant Control Des Moines - Affordable Ant Control

Des Moines Ant Control - Affordable Ant Treatements

Are those little ants in your kitchen again this spring? Tiny ants are out and about already this year. We had a warm winter and a very early spring. The "sugar ants" that are usually out in May are coming out now. If you fight with these tiny ants yearly and you struggle to control them, call us at Downs Pest Control to find out how we can help you. (Our number is 515-309-2089) We are a local, family-owned business  dedicated to helping residents and businesses in Des Moines solve their pest problems. We are an exterminator that you can trust with your pest problems. Visit our website for more information about our other pest services and our company background.

What does Downs Pest Control do to get rid of ants?

What gives our Downs Pest Control technicians an ant control advantage is their expertise in solving ant problems. They deal with ants on a regular basis and they have a lot of experience when it comes to getting rid of ants. We know what techniques and products work and what does not work when it comes to controlling ants. We know how to identify ant species (there are several different types of ants that live in Iowa and each species is a little different), we know how ants live, what ants eat, where ants like to go, and where to find ants.

Getting rid of ants is a science. It is not easy to do. Many products that you buy at the local hardware store can be effective but often they are not used properly for the situation.

We also have the ability to use a wide variety of different solutions. We have the products, the tools, and the training to get rid of your ants quickly, safely, and in an affordable manner.

We also are an eco-friendly pest control company. Our products are all safe and we also offer all-natural organic ant control treatments that we encourage you to ask about.

Our ant treatments are different for each situation. But generally ant treatments are focused on the outside of the home. Ants usually live in colonies outside of your home in the soil. They find their way into your home in search of food and water. We also target the colonies. If you do not eliminate the colony the ants will return.

What is the cost of a typical ant treatment that Downs Pest Control performs? 

The average cost of a Downs Pest Control ant control treatment* for a home under 4000 square feet located in the Des Moines area is around $75+tax, but we do have an online coupon for 20% off so on average with the coupon it is just $60+tax. This is a very affordable price considering the cost and time involved in trying to do-it your-self ant control.

Our ant treatments are guaranteed for 30 days so if you see ants again within 30 days we will return to solve the ant problem at no charge. Usually there is no need to return as our ant treatments are effective within days. Sometimes a return visit is necessary to get rid of the ant colony. Once the ant colonies are gone you should not have to worry about ants for many months, although to do recommend regular pest maintenance.

*Carpenter Ants are wood destroying insects an involve a different treatment process. If you are seeing carpenter ants then call us at 515-309-2089 for a consultation. We offer free inspections and consultations. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pest of the Week- Ants!

Ants are very difficult to control in and around your home. Although ants can be easily killed, almost any chemical product can destroy their waxy exoskeleton, they come in such large numbers that any resistance often seems futile.

There are many different types of ants that may be invading your home. Iowa is home to many species, but for all intents and purposes we will just discuss carpenter ants and ants. Carpenter ants are unique from most other ants you may see in and around your home. They tunnel into wood to build their nest. They can cause damage to your home by tunneling in your walls. Carpenter ants are larger ants while most other ants that invade your home are smaller. Signs of carpenter ants in your walls may be the saw dust that the ants push out of the tunnels they make. Carpenter ant nests are extremely difficult to locate, especially if they are in your walls. But most often when you see them in your home they are just searching for food and water and their nest is located outside in an old or large tree. When you think you might have carpenter ants then it is a good idea to call us. We offer free inspections and free quotes for carpenter ants. Our carpenter ant treatments are also usually very affordable and cost under $100.00 and start as low as $50.00.

Other ants you may see in your home include pavement antspharaoh antsodorous house ants, and thief ants. Although frequently you will see ants invading your home seeking out sweet things ants will also eat proteins and greases. So when using bait it is important to identify the species of ant to identify what type of food they like best. If you are seeing ants in your home there are plenty of over-the-counter products that you can buy at your local hardware store that will work, but the success of these products depends of the type of ants, the time of year, the weather outside, where the colony is located, and the environment of the invaded area. We also offer free ant estimates and free inspections. Our ant treatments also typically run under $100.00 and start at $50.00. All these treatments are guaranteed. The key to eliminating ants from your home is to eliminate the ant colonies around your home, this is something that can be difficult to do. We are experts are ant colony elimination so call us today at 515-309-2089 to find out more what we can do to help you!

We are dedicated to providing quality services and the opinions of our customers matter to us. So please read the reviews from our customers and feel free to leave one yourself if you have used our services. We serve the entire Des Moines area and are licensed to serve in the state of Iowa. We even serve the needs of customers in other parts of Iowa who cannot find the quality of service they demand in their area.

If you would like to learn more about how to get rid of ants visit our do-it-yourself pest control site at and visit the get rid of your ants section. Or visit HubPages site with articles about pest problems.

Enjoy this great spring weather and have a great day!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pest of the Week- Ants!

Ants are very common in Iowa. When winter hits they go dormant. Ants are common problems in May and June. But with temperatures in the high seventies and low eighties ants will become active now. Ants are very fascinating, they work together to build large colonies. They also can be a nuisance in your kitchen. The best way to keep ants out of your kitchen is to be proactive. With warm March temperatures you should act now to prevent an ant infestation in the near future. Our ant treatments are extremely effective and also are very affordable. When you choose Downs Pest Control you can be sure that you will receive a high quality and safe pest control service. Visit our website for current promotions.

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