Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bedbugs and Over-The-Counter Solutions

It is not uncommon for anyone who faces a pest infestation to first head to the hardware store in search of do-it-yourself remedies, this is also true for people with bedbugs infestations as well. In a recently published article by Susan C. Jones and Joshua L. Bryant we learn just how truly ineffective these products are in fighting bedbugs.

Jones and Bryant evaluated different products that can be bought at the store and found that they had little impact if any impact on the bedbug population. They specifically evaluated three types of foggers and found that they did not work as advertised.

When ineffective products sold at hardware stores advertise quick bedbug solutions they are instead making the situation worse. It delays the renter or homeowner from calling a pest professional who has the skills, products, equipment, and expertise to solve the bedbug problem safety and effectively.

On a national scale the bedbug problem continues to grow. The best way to solve it is by education and quick action. In the year 2000 only a quarter of all exterminators in the U.S. dealt with bedbugs now, that is at nearly 100%.

If you are facing a bedbug problem call a pest professional instead of trying products that may not even work.

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