Monday, March 26, 2012

Ant Control Des Moines - Affordable Ant Control

Des Moines Ant Control - Affordable Ant Treatements

Are those little ants in your kitchen again this spring? Tiny ants are out and about already this year. We had a warm winter and a very early spring. The "sugar ants" that are usually out in May are coming out now. If you fight with these tiny ants yearly and you struggle to control them, call us at Downs Pest Control to find out how we can help you. (Our number is 515-309-2089) We are a local, family-owned business  dedicated to helping residents and businesses in Des Moines solve their pest problems. We are an exterminator that you can trust with your pest problems. Visit our website for more information about our other pest services and our company background.

What does Downs Pest Control do to get rid of ants?

What gives our Downs Pest Control technicians an ant control advantage is their expertise in solving ant problems. They deal with ants on a regular basis and they have a lot of experience when it comes to getting rid of ants. We know what techniques and products work and what does not work when it comes to controlling ants. We know how to identify ant species (there are several different types of ants that live in Iowa and each species is a little different), we know how ants live, what ants eat, where ants like to go, and where to find ants.

Getting rid of ants is a science. It is not easy to do. Many products that you buy at the local hardware store can be effective but often they are not used properly for the situation.

We also have the ability to use a wide variety of different solutions. We have the products, the tools, and the training to get rid of your ants quickly, safely, and in an affordable manner.

We also are an eco-friendly pest control company. Our products are all safe and we also offer all-natural organic ant control treatments that we encourage you to ask about.

Our ant treatments are different for each situation. But generally ant treatments are focused on the outside of the home. Ants usually live in colonies outside of your home in the soil. They find their way into your home in search of food and water. We also target the colonies. If you do not eliminate the colony the ants will return.

What is the cost of a typical ant treatment that Downs Pest Control performs? 

The average cost of a Downs Pest Control ant control treatment* for a home under 4000 square feet located in the Des Moines area is around $75+tax, but we do have an online coupon for 20% off so on average with the coupon it is just $60+tax. This is a very affordable price considering the cost and time involved in trying to do-it your-self ant control.

Our ant treatments are guaranteed for 30 days so if you see ants again within 30 days we will return to solve the ant problem at no charge. Usually there is no need to return as our ant treatments are effective within days. Sometimes a return visit is necessary to get rid of the ant colony. Once the ant colonies are gone you should not have to worry about ants for many months, although to do recommend regular pest maintenance.

*Carpenter Ants are wood destroying insects an involve a different treatment process. If you are seeing carpenter ants then call us at 515-309-2089 for a consultation. We offer free inspections and consultations. 


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