Monday, July 16, 2012

Wasps - Yellow Jackets and Mud Daubers in Iowa

Wasps are all flying insects that are a very important to our eco-system, especially here in Iowa. These insects play an integral roll in the pollination of plants that produce beautiful flowers, fruits, seeds, and vegetables.

Wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and bees are also all equipped with a special defense mechanism a stinger. For this reason it is very important to be sure that  these insects are not building their nests near your home. What makes these flying insects dangerous as well is the fact that they are social insects and this increases the risk of receiving multiple stings.

Yellow Jacket Wasps

Yellow jacket wasps build paper nests that are located in trees, in bushes, in garages, in soffits, and other similar places. They are aggressive when they feel their nest is threatened. They can sting multiple times. Nests that are located out of the way, meaning there is not chance that someone could accidentally come into contact with the nest, should be left alone as there is no threat by these wasps.

Mud Dauber Wasps

Mud dauber wasps build nests of mud and are usually not aggressive. Most mud dauber wasps in Iowa are black or a silver blue steel color. These wasps are solitary and are very unlikely to sting unlike yellow jackets or hornets.

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  3. Its true, wasp build nest in window and ceilings holding grubs to grow. Their mud nest are unsightly for house interior.

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  5. Valuable information, in fact, wasps also build nests made of mud which can stain walls and corners.

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  8. Wasps can sometimes are beneficial to the environment as they can bea bio pest control agents. One specie of wasps is known to lay eggs inside the larva or adult roaches and the wasp's larva eats the roach or larva inside out.

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